October 19, 2015

Readers response to post

Mr M.K.Rao, Executive Director of India Glycols responded to my post "Of Mimic panels and Video walls - back to the past?"
His reply is as follows:

"The subject Blog item is interesting and highly relevant too.

When I entered the DMT control room (IPCL, Baroda) in the year 1981, the scene was similar. The space above the pneumatic controllers had a mimic panel that depicted the complete PFD. In addition, we had a model of the entire plant on a large table in the same control room at a corner. It made learning faster and we used to have a better feel of the process. It was easier to know what was going on at a glance.

Going by the best of Past & Present, I feel a combination of
  1. DCS work stations
  2. Mimic panel representing the complete/ continuous PFD like in the past (Instead of Video panels – which may appear broken)
  3. A model (physical) of the plant right in the control room would help"

I agree with his valid suggestions and thank him for responding..

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