June 28, 2018

Integrity Manuals: The Most Significant Factor in Avoiding Asset Failure

Integrity Manuals: The Most Significant Factor in Avoiding Asset Failure: This special report, authored by Richard Fish, Asset Integrity Specialist, demonstrates the importance of integrity manuals when it comes to combating asset corrosion.

June 24, 2018

June 22, 2018

Drum explosions - beware - it happens too often

 Recently a company experienced an incident when a welder was cutting scrap beams in the scrap yard. There was an empty drum in the yard and he wanted to cut open the drum. The moment he pierced through the drum with his cutting torch, the drum exploded and injured him. Luckily it was not fatal.
I have been writing about how you should treat empty, but not decontaminated chemical/oil drums as potential bombs. Read my earlier posts here:


Read a safety alert about drums in this link

June 2, 2018

Static electricty incidents

  1. Solvent unloading from tanker to drums having 200 lits capacity was in progress. 50% of solvent unloaded in HDPE drums. Fire took place near tanker. Solvent storage godown also caught fire. One fatality & nine injured.Root Causes: Static charge generated during unloading solvent from tanker to drum, No proper earthing & bonding arrangement while unloading solvent from tanker to drum to neutralize the static charge, Lack of awareness training. 
  2.  Charging of solid material from HDPE bags to kettle was going on. Fire took place due to static charge resulting in one fatality and three injured. Root Causes: Earthing & bonding was not adequately provided to neutralize the static charge generated. Potential hazard involved in the process was not captured properly by using hazard identification techniques like HAZOP study. 
  Courtesy: A.G.Shingore, National Safety Council