October 8, 2012

Hydrofluoric acid leak in Korea

A hydrofluoric acid leak in Korea two weeks ago has hundreds of people evacuating. A news article mentions the following:
"The accident at a factory owned by Hube Korea, a local manufacturer of hydrofluoric acid used for the production of displays, has claimed five lives. More than 2,000 residents have also suffered from the effects of the acid on their skin, eyes and respiratory system, while some 300 local residents have opted to temporarily relocate".
Read the news article in this link.
A MSDS of HF mentions an incident where a lab technician dies two weeks after a spill covering 10% of his total body. The delayed effects of HF must be made known to everyone handling it. The MSDS also mentions that fatalities can occur even with 2.5% exposure of body area. The MSDS also explains how HF causes death. Worth a read for those handling HF. Read it in this link.

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